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Exterior Painting Routine

Paying attention to craftsmanship when doing an exterior is just as important as doing any interior work. For example: I did an exterior house late in 2011 and the fascias and siding had cracks on all sides where both peices met on all sides. I went through 2 CASES of caulk to make sure that every crack was filled. Not only does this help preserve the siding and improve on energy costs, but the difference in appearance was dramatic!


Imagine looking at your house after it's been painted with black gaps on it's surface both verticle and horizonal on the siding and around the windows. Pretty unappealing right? Its almost like adding little black lines throughout the exterior's surface. Now imagine seeing your house without those black lines. We want the exterior of your house to be as crisp and fresh as possible! Caulking can make a huge difference in the outcome of the job!


Before we apply any paint to your home's exterior, we will power wash it's ENTIRE surface; removing as much dirt, mildew and any other soil deposits that may seperate the paint from the surface. After the surface is dry enough, we will scrape all of the loose paint on your home, sand any bare wood, caulk any cracks and use an oil based primer to cover any bare wood after this process. If any siding needs replacing, we will remove the old and install new. We will then tape and plastic off all of your windows, and paper off exterior light fixtures, brick, gutters and any other surfaces that need be.


After a complete prep we will apply two coats, unless specified otherwise, of paint finish to your home's surafces. We found that using 3 different colors looks the best when doing an exterior and makes the house stand out much more.   


As long as any painter follows these steps, and we will, the paint job on your home will not only look the best but will last the longest as well.





Painting Products

Most paint providers like Behr, Sherwin Williams and Diamond Vogel, guarantee and warranty their painting products 10 years, 20 years, as well as lifetime. Keep in mind, if your home is exposed to the elements of nature, after a while your paint will begin to crack, peel and fade. It's just about inevitable. Now, with that being said, most home owners paint the exterior of their homes every 10 years or so anyways. Although your more premium products will last longer and stand it's ground better to Mother Nature, it's not ALWAYS important to buy the most expensive paint products. So weither you choose a more affordable paint or a more expensive paint, keep these points in mind. 

Deck Staining

We take extra pride and pay considerable attention when we stain our decks. Since deck stains only last 4-7 years, it's vital that the proper procedure methods are taken place. I always had the best experiences using Behr Premium products when it comes to staining decks. Before staining your deck, we will cover any bushes and shrubs to prevent over spary and drips from the stain remover and stain. We will power wash and apply a stain remover to remove as much old stain possible. Usually we're able to remove most if not all of the old stain. If you decide to go with a transparent or semi-transparent stain we will then use a deck brightner to bring the wood back to it's original color. Before we apply the stain we'll tape off any siding and windows to avoid staining any surfaces other than the deck. 


We will always recommend applying two coats of stain to your decks surfaces. Not only will this make the color stand out the best, but two coats will always last mush longer than one coat. Most stain applications will recommend two coats anyways. 

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