How We Conduct Business

After we set up a time to meet and consult with you about your painting project, we'll then email you a very DETAILED bid explaining how we'll complete the job from start to finish. All of our bids include products, including paint, to finish the job. 


If you decide to use our painting services for your project, we're then able print out the bid and both parties are able to sign the same agreement. I do this not only for legal purposes, but more for the comforts of new clients.






We ask for UP TO half of the agreed bid to help pay for the materials to start and finish the job. The other half is not due until completion upon your satisfactory. All forms of payments are accepted including ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS.

How You Can Help Grow Our Business

Word of mouth, Facebook likes and comments, and Angie's List reviews are very vital in helping our business grow. The more people see that we continue to offer outstanding services and provided the best quality and customer service available, the more we will flourish! We do ask, that once we're complete with your project, that you link with us on facebook and or rate us on Angie's List.

Premier Painting Omaha

Omaha's Premium Provider for Premier Painting services!

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